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FLEXY Clothes Drying Stand
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   ` 3295
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108-190*57*94 CMS.
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Flexy drying stand provides smart space-saving solution and is wonderfully suited for small homes. It has extra capacity that not only gives you more space for drying but also makes it ideal for big clothes. The product can be expanded according to the needs. If you have lesser clothes to dry, you can keep it small and robust. But when the number as well as size of your laundry increases, the flexible stand can be expanded from both sides to meet your requirements. The product is ideal for the requirements of customers living in small urban homes, who do not have the luxury of a terrace or a patio to dry their laundry.   It also has clamps to dry very small clothes like hankies, socks, etc so now you do not have to worry about them.  It has wheels to move it easily inside and outside. Once the drying is done, easily fold flat and store in a corner. 

  • 58 feet drying space
  • Ideal for large clothes
  • Expandable for extra drying capacity
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Made with ABS/PP plastic for strength & durability
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Powder coated tubes for corrosion resistance
  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor drying
  • 16 inbuilt clamps in sides to hang small clothes