Que: Recently I have shifted to a new house and I’m facing a lot of trouble due to limited storage space in the house. Please suggest me efficient storage solutions to organize my home.

Few clever storage ideas can solve your problem. Firstly, you need to list out storage solutions and products that can fit into the available space in your house.  You can either go for separate storage solutions to keep your clothes, accessories, shoes, groceries etc. These days you can find a number of compact, sleek and stylish storage options in the market. When you are in market, look for those products which can easily accommodate in your house. Try to create extra storage in areas which are overlooked.  

Que: I have a 3 year old daughter and a six year old son and because of them my living room is always occupied with toys of my kids. I try to organize but it is spread across all over the room all the time. Please help me.

Organizing small things like toys is really a headache. Small open racks similar to shoe racks , toy bins can be a good option. It will help your kid to choose the toys of their choice. You can use multi purpose racks to store shoes as well as toys and other small commodities.

Que:  My baby is 6 months old, I have to wash his clothes very often. Is there any convenient way to dry them indoor without wetting my floor, as wet floor could hurt my toddler?

It is a common problem faced by many mothers. You can look for compact dryer, which can be kept in the bathroom itself. Today, in market there are products that just fit right in your list. There are bath tub dryers, which can use and utilize the bath tub space efficiently and also gives you a relief from wet floor problem.

Que: Please help me to find an efficient storage solution to accommodate my collection of sandals without consuming much space. I find it very difficult to select the right pair of sandals every morning. 

Today people have become very stylish and conscious about the accessories they wear with particular attires. You need a large storage rack for this purpose. If space is a constraint, you can explore areas which are usually overlooked like the area behind doors. You can opt for shoe and accessory organizer which provides hanging storage solutions.

Que: One year back I bought an ironing board. Now we have shifted to other place and the house has very limited space. Is there any compact and foldable ironing board which can be stored easily?

Yes, you can find plenty of portable and compact ironing boards in the market. Usually, they are light weighted ironing boards which can be placed on any hard flat surface including table and bed, which are known as table top ironing board. The option for folding and hanging provide easy storage facility.

Que: How can I make my home child proof?

Ans: Due to limited space most of the houses in the urban settings are fully packed with furniture and children don’t get enough space to do their activities. Such crunched houses pose increased danger as there are chances of child getting wounded by falling down on any household equipment. Switch board, hot iron and utensils, sharp objects are common objects by which our children get hurt and burnt.

You can also opt for Ironing Boards with inbuilt iron holster which will protect your children from getting burnt from hot iron.

Que: What is the procedure to place an order?

Ans: If you have liked a product and are interested to buy it, you need to follow very simple steps to place an order-

  • Sign up and create your account with casa brands.
  • Once your account is activated, you can add any number of products to your shopping cart.
  • On completing the shopping, you can check out and make payment by clicking on PAY NOW button which will redirect the user to a payment gateway.
  • Make the payments online.
  • After you have made your payments, you will receive order details in your email.
  • The order can be tracked by logging into your casa brands profile.

Que: How do I know my order is confirmed?
Ans: You can check the status of your order by logging in to your account on our website.

Que: Do you charge any shipment fees for your products if shipped in the same country?
Ans: No there is no shipment fee charged for orders within the country, though conditions apply.

Que: What is the maximum time taken for delivery after order is confirmed?
Ans: The maximum time taken for delivery after the order is confirmed is about 5-7 working days.

Que: How do I cancel my order?
Ans: The consumers can cancel the order any time if it is not shipped. Once the goods are shipped the order can’t be cancelled.

Que: In case of any discrepancy, how do I register my complaints?
Ans: If you have any complaints you can contact us at +91-8130577666 or write to us at 

Que: What type of warranty does your products hold and what is the warranty period?
Ans: Most of our products hold 2 year warranty. For details on which product has warranty please refer the individual product page.

Que: Will the loss be incurred by the company if there is some damage during the shipment?
Ans: Though it normally doesn’t happen as we have safe packaging system in place, still if the customer gets the product in damaged condition, he has to put remark on the receipt from Courier Company and register the complaint through SMS at +91-8130577666 or write us at