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PANTASTIC Tri-ply Saute Pan 1500 ml
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   ` 2295
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1500 ml (22 cm)
PanTastic cookware range, with a triple layered constitution (Tri-ply), is made to match your Lifestyle as it deserves only the Best. It not only enables a healthier, faster & even cooking thereby saving energy but also completely eliminates any chances of hotspots & charring. The entire body being made in triple layers; the food is cooked precisely & properly taking the entire cooking experience to another level. The entire body including handles are ergonomically designed for the most comfortable handling & cooking experience apart with imparting the cookware an elegant look.
- A triple layered full body construction (SS+AL+SS) leads to superlative cooking performance with even & precise cooking
- Better cooking control with eliminating the chances of hot spots & charring
- Compatible with all types of cooking sources – Induction, Hot Plate & Gas
- Enables faster cooking thereby saving on fuel/ energy consumption
- Safe & healthy cooking with Stainless steel – no worry of leaching of cookware material into food
- Stainless steel material leads to enhanced durability and ease of maintaining & cleaning the cookware