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MAXIMO Multifunction Clothes Drying Stand
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MAXIMO Multifunction Clothes Drying Stand
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   ` 3995
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81 x 31 x 11 cm
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With shrinking space in urban establishments, it is tough to make space for essential things, forget about the less important ones. Take for instance, drying clothes, people living in small urban surroundings seem to be always jostling with space issues but now the time has come to put an end to those days with the all new Maximo - Multi Function Clothes Drying Stand , an innovative yet strikingly attractive product from Bonita’s high quality range of products. Maximo caters to all your clothes drying needs without using other household resources or demanding extra space.

Maximo comes with a fully adjustable shelf height which enables it to use the vertical space in a balcony or a room rather than expanding the drying space horizontally. The adjustable wheels lend easy movement of the stand & facilitate easy & hassle free movement.

  • Fully adjustable shelf height to suit any drying requirement
  • 25 metres of drying space with extra hanger slots
  • Easy folding wheels and racks to save space
  • Dual rods for better stability
  • Powder coated steel with ABS and PP plastic for durability