Shoe Storage

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STYLO Shoe Rack - 5 Tier
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   ` 1450
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71 x 26 x 68 cm
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It is rightly been said that, "if you want to know the state of a house, see its setting". There is no better way to impress your boss or guests with a clean, aesthetic & well organized house, where things are managed & kept at their designated place. You surely would have invested a lot of time in organizing your home but what about those pair of shoes. Of course, you don’t want to keep them lying under the bed or the sofa. How about finding a new place, where you can slip in more than one pair of your shoes, which are otherwise a pain to manage.

Bonita, a renowned home utility brand has a perfect solution to keep your beloved pair of shoes. The 5 tier Stylo Shoe Rack is elegantly designed to store your expensive and adored collection of shoes. This shoe rack is lightweight and trendy in design which adds to the aesthetic beauty of your house. ABS plastic & powder coated steel tubes lend much touted strength and durability to this amazing creation from Bonita. So bring home Bonita’s 5 tier Stylo Shoe Rack and flaunt those pairs with perfection.

  • Lightweight structure for easy storage
  • Made with powder coated steel tubes
  • Trendy design to save space
  • Perfect for small bedroom, living room & balcony
  • ABS plastic for better strength