Shoe Storage

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STYLO Shoe Rack - 3 Tier
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   ` 975
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71 x 26 x 32 cm
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Home is a sacred place for all of us. We take pride to give it a customized look so that it appears serene & clean, where you can rejuvenate after all days hectic work. But the excessive pairs of shoes scattered around the house spoil the mood, off course you can slip them away from your eyes under a bed or outside your house but surely you don’t want to treat your shoes that bad.

Introducing, the elegant & trendy 3 tier Stylo Shoe Rack from Bonita. This shoe rack being light in weight can be placed anywhere in your house, it has the capability of being carried anywhere you like. The storage capacity fulfills all your needs when it comes to organizing more than one pair of shoes. Strength & durability are provided with the use of ABS plastic. So, become a smart home maker and organize your shoes in this shoe rack. Keep your shoes protected from dust and dirt and stack them in Bonita’s 3 Tier Shoe Rack.

  • Lightweight structure for easy storage
  • Made with powder coated steel tubes
  • Trendy design to save space
  • Perfect for small bedroom, living room & balcony
  • ABS plastic for better strength